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Advanced Ultrasonics offers high quality repair service for your ultrasonic scalers & air polishers, repairs / rebuilds for your low and high speed handpieces.  We also offer fully guaranteed refurbished scalers, polishers & combination units and new or rebuild services for jet polishing nozzles including the older-type ProphyJet® nozzles

Scaler, Polisher & Combo Unit Repairs

Advanced Ultrasonics repairs most brands of ultrasonic scalers, air polishers and combination units. 

  • We provide a free written estimate via fax or e-mail before any work is done

  • All work is guaranteed

  • We have an extensive inventory of parts and service units from most manufacturers, including older units

Refurbished Units

You can take your chances buying a used unit, especially on the Internet.  Many are 'guaranteed'  to be in working condition or to 'power up' but are working poorly or not at all.


The refurbished units we offer are completely overhauled and ready to use:

  • The handpiece is rebuilt with a new cable or completely replaced

  • All internal & external tubing is replaced

  • All solenoids are rebuilt.  Seals & o-rings are replaced

  • The foot control and cabinet are refinished

  • The unit is recalibrated to original factory specifications

High Speed Handpiece Repairs


We offer quality repair and overhaul services for your high and low speed handpieces, and nose cones & attachments from many manufacturers.  All work is guaranteed.


  We specialize in:

  • Fiber Optic Replacement

  • Repair/Replace Air and Water Lines

  • Back End Replacement

  • Overhauls

Jet Polishing Nozzles

You can have your existing one repaired to new condition for about half the price of a new one...

We can repair your air polishing nozzles for SPSJet™, CaviJet 30™ and ProphyJet™ systems to new condition.   These nozzles come with a 6 month guarantee, though with proper care they will last for years.

We also stock new nozzles for the old-style ProphyJet™ systems (with the 2 tubes).  These are no longer available from the manufacturer.

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