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Service & Repairs

How long does it take?

  • The average time for you to receive an estimate once we have received your unit is 2 to 5 business days.  Once we receive your approval, your equipment is usually shipped back within 2 to 4 business days.  This can vary depending on our current volume.  Our 'patients' do not make appointments.  Priority return shipping is available.


What warranty does Advanced Ultrasonics offer?

  • All repairs are guaranteed for 6 months.  Warranty is limited to repaired items & labor

  • Rebuilt and new handpieces are guaranteed for 1 year

  • All refurbished units are fully guaranteed for 1 year on all parts and labor


Not covered....

  • Damage caused by user negligence, improper operation or inappropriate use

  • Plugging air line into water supply (applies only to polishing or combination units)

How should I send in my unit?
If possible, use the original box and packing materials.  Otherwise, pack the unit in a corrugated box with 2 to 3 inches of padding on all sides of the unit.  If they can be easily unplugged,remove any protruding electrical connectors such as the handpiece, foot control and/or power cord to minimize the chance of damage during shipping.  You do not need to remove the water or air lines.

Please include a completed repair order form.  To download a printable version of this form, click here, or include a note with a phone number or your business card for us to contact you.  If possible, please provide a description of the problem or symptoms.

We recommend shipping via UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority Mail.  It is suggested that you purchase insurance and use a service that provides tracking capabilities.

What if the manufacturer's warranty is still in effect on my unit?
We can service these units, but not under warranty.  The advantage is that you will usually get your unit back much faster than if you have it serviced by the manufacturer.

For general information on service and repairs, click here


Refurbished Units For Sale



Why purchase a refurbished unit rather than a new one?
The cost of a refurbished unit is usually less than half the cost of a new unit - yet it has the same warranty as many new units.   

Perhaps you need an extra unit for one of your operatories or you are opening a new office, or you just want to have a spare system on hand in case one of your units needs to be serviced.   Eventually, all systems will need to be serviced, and it never happens at a convenient time.  Can you afford to loose the use of one of your units for at least several days?  Having an extra unit on hand means you don't have to.   


Do you really want to pay for a new unit just to have as a spare?  An extra unit can pay for itself in just a few procedures that you won't have to cancel.  If you have questions about what is the best option for your needs, please give us a call.

The inserts for 25kHz and 30kHz are not interchangeable.  A 25kHz unit will not vibrate a 30kHz insert, and the opposite is true as well.  If you have a large investment in inserts, this may affect your decision on which type of unit to purchase.

What about combination units?
A combination unit offers the both ultrasonic scaling and air polishing functions in the same unit.  This is a less expensive alternative than separate units if you require both functions or have a limited amount of space.

For more information on refurbished units, click here


Jet Polishing Nozzles

Why purchase a new CaviJet nozzle when you can have your existing one repaired to new condition for about half the price ?

We can repair your air polishing nozzles for SPSJet™, CaviJet 30  systems to new condition.   These nozzles come with a 6 month guarantee, though with proper care they will last for years.

We also sell reconditioned nozzles for SPSJet Plus™, SPSJet™, CaviJet 30™ units.   All nozzles come with a 6 month guarantee.  Please call for details.


We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & PayPal  

Handpiece Repairs
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