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Cavitron® SPS Plus Tap-On (Gen 136)

Auto-Tune 30kHz Scaler




Complete with new handpiece cable, new water line with user replaceable filter element, wireless foot control and detachable  SteriMate® handpiece for easy sterilization.

Tap-On® feature allows operator to briefly tap the pedal and the scaler will remain on until pedal is tapped again.  The pedal will also turn the scaler on and off if pressed for more than 1 second.

Water regulator & ultrasonic generator recalibrated to original specifications.

Foot pedal can operate in wireless or wired mode (cable included).


SPS technology provides exceptionally low power capability for sensitive sub-gingival and perio procedures. The power level remains constant even when the tip is loaded.


Boost function allows for temporary power boost using foot control without changing power level on dial.


Entire unit fully guaranteed for 1 year (excluding user negligence).


* Scaling insert not included.




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