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Jet Polishing Nozzles

Why purchase a new nozzle when you can have your existing one repaired to new condition for about half the price ?

We can repair your air polishing nozzles for SPSJet™, CaviJet 30™ and ProphyJet™ systems to new condition.   These nozzles come with a 6 month guarantee, though with proper care they will last for years.

We also sell reconditioned and new nozzles for SPSJet Plus™, SPSJet™, CaviJet 30™ units.  We also stock new nozzles for the old-style ProphyJet™ systems (with the 2 tubes).   All nozzles come with a 6 month guarantee.  Please call for details.

Click below to download a printable insert / nozzle price list & order form.  Please call or e-mail us if you would like us to fax or e-mail the form to you.

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